Serie in stock

We double the news: From this year it is available a small range of products in small distribution. We have selected from our jars’ catalog some of the standard models with frequent stock rotation: SERIE 86 – SERIE 95 – SERIE 99 – SERIE 03.

Availability in different sizes  from 5 to 500 ml in natural or white polypropylene.

Which advantages for you?

  • Possibility of reduce lead-time: about 4 weeks or less!
  • Minimum quantities as low as a box: from 200 to 900 pieces depending on the size.
  • Possibility to test our quality ordering only a small quantity.
  • Making tests of the launch of a new product with a small investment.

Which advantages for us?

  • To present our quality and our service!

For more information please see the flyer.