New jars in PET

News 2016: we decide to open our jars catalogue to a new material: PET – polyethylene terephthalate. Lightweight, transparent, recyclable and compatible are the standards of this incredible high-performance material with whom we create new shapes playing with a wide range of clear colours.

Efficiency and quality, experience and know-how are characteristics of our company with 50 years of activity aimed mostly to the cosmetic industry. In fact, the new line of AZALEA jars made by PET is just the first of others three almost ready to be launched on the market. The sizes range are from 50 ml to 1000 ml and we offer our internal decoration service using silk screen printing up to 3 colours as well as a wide availability of compatible PP lids already in the catalog – see lids – and a good seal with the shive or Polespan joint (SAFE-GARD ™ anti-violation joint is available).

With this new material, we play with forms and transparencies but also we aim to involve many sectors with our authentic MADE IN ITALY that from today it will be clearer than ever why the transparency is a quality of which we are proud.

For more information please consult Catalogo AZALEA.