About us

Our daily work is producing packaging in plastic materials, whether jars or bottles, and doing it in the best possible way. We are a family company, launched 50 years ago in Zola Predosa and now in its third generation.

Through the years we have learnt to work “with” the Client, rather than “for” the Client. We have learnt that it is not enough to produce, but that the real value of our business is to offer personalized advice, from moulding the packaging to its decoration.

There are goals on which we never compromise: quality, the safety of a completely Made in Italy product and the innovation of our production processes. To achieve these objectives, we have grown each year and have been relying on a network of local suppliers, with whom we work closely to develop customized solutions for our clients.

It is with this approach that today we serve leading companies in the cosmetics, hair care and body care sectors.

And this is how we approach every new challenge we meet.